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Transportation Vendor Application

    Step 1: Applicant Information


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    Type of transportation moves you would like to do for Premier Trailer Leasing *

    Step 2: Payment Remittance Information

    Step 3: Payment & Tax Info

    Please attach a copy of W-9 with your response *

    Step 4: Vendor Insurance Requirements

    1. Commercial General Liability - 1M minimum for each occurrence
    2. Automobile Liability - 1M Combined Single Limit
    3. Premier Trailer Leasing listed as Additional Insured on CGL and Auto
    4. Must have physical damage coverage on the certificate with the comp/col deductibles listed and we must be listed as the loss payee. We do not accept trailer interchange for physical damage coverage.
    5. Worker's Comp
    Attach certificate of insurance that meet the requirements above *

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Vendor agrees to maintain and carry insurance coverage that meets Premier Trailer Leasing's requirements, as outlined above, at all times while performing work for Premier Trailer Leasing, Inc.
    2. Payment terms are Net 10 from invoice date
    3. Transportation Invoices need to include the following:
      • Unit Numbers.
      • Pick up location.
      • Delivery location
      • Date of unit pick up.
      • Date of unit delivery.
      • Address and name of facility.
    Vendor hereby certifies that information furnished in this application is current and accurate.